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Mommy bar

Mommy bar is a new center for moms in Katamon. The center offers a warm and intimate environment for mothers, with or without their baby or toddler. Sharing the space is a mommy boutique shop with a procured selection of gifts and baby essentials from around the world.

There are a wide range of classes in the center such as baby massage, mommy fitness, sleeping consultations, developmental classes, baby music classes, parenting classes and much more…

Mommy bar was born out of a passion to give to young families and mothers in particular. I started the business nearly 4 years ago importing baby textiles that helped calm and sooth babies to sleep. As part of my work, I was invited to various homes where I would give group sleep  consultations to very sleep deprived moms. After receiving such great feedback I realized the importance of creating a center that can offer the much needed support. A few months ago, a tragic story of a mother who suffered from postpartum depression, which lead to severe sickness, hit very close to home. With a broken heart I felt “something must be done, she is not the only one”. I thought to myself “If only she had a place to go to that would help her get through the tough few months after birth maybe it all could have been avoided.”

Giving birth is a traumatic experience. All women experience postpartum depression to various degrees. It is important to be surrounded by a supportive environment and to understand that the feelings you are feeling are normal. Getting out of the house to meet new moms in the same or similar situation helps with the inherent hardships you are faced with. Common experiences are sleep deprivation, trouble nursing, colic baby, screaming baby or just feeling overwhelmed from your new baby that just joined your family, along with all the changes you are going through. It is important to release these feelings and learn how to cope.

It is apparent to me that in this very advanced and technical world, social media takes a very big and influential role in our lives. It paints a very twisted picture showing the world only what the world wants to see. Beautiful bonding moments of mother and baby all dressed up with perfect makeup and hair or a mother with the perfect figure 3 days after birth, a shiny clean house or many other situations that don’t reflect the average home welcoming a new baby. Why don’t people take pictures of themselves in pj’s with giant bags under their eyes, a messy floor with piles of laundry and exhausted parents plopping on the couch after a very long day???

People are being made to think that everyone else is doing it right. This creates a scenario that scares people if they don’t fit in to that perfect picture painted on Facebook, instagram or snap chat. Very few want to admit that they are having a hard time, that they feel sad or lonely, that parenting isn’t what they expected it to be after a 9 months of anticipation, that they never imagined they wouldn’t connect to the baby the first hour and so many other scenarios no one ever mentions. We are here to send a message to moms you’re not alone!!! You’re not the only one that has extra weight to lose, you’re not the only tired mom, yes it’s normal if your baby isn’t sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old. It’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to feel like you aren’t managing. None of this makes you a bad mom. As a matter of fact chances are everyone you know has experienced at least 3 of the stated above scenarios. Everyone deserves to feel good, knowing all their sleepless nights will end and life will be stable once again.

So for all the mommies out there who wish to feel good about themselves, inside and out, come pay us a visit. We offer classes both in English and Hebrew catering to anglo moms living in Israel alone with no family beside them helping and giving them the needed support. Here you will find a warm, loving, informative environment with people who care and have tools to help you through these tough times. Sit back and relax in the coffee and chai lounge, while your baby plays next to you. Of course, what better therapy than shopping! Our small but well stocked boutique carries a high quality selection of wooden toys, home scents, soaps and creams, dolls, blankets and other baby textiles.

About me: My name is Sarit Rapp, I am 33 years old, married to Zev and mother to Tamar, Noa and Talya. I have a Degree in early childhood education from the prestigious David Yellin College in Jerusalem. I have taught in numerous preschools and have extensive experience with raising children. Over the past 3 years, I have put my focus on understanding babies needs, sleep patterns and development from birth onwards. I have been teaching mothers using methods from Dr. Harvey Karp, founder and CEO of Happiest Baby, Lynette Damir, a registered nurse and founder of Swaddle Designs and working alongside skilled sleeping consultants around Israel. I hope to be able to improve the lives of many families in Israel and expand this center abroad.