Welcome to Rapp Baby, the licensed importers of 'SwaddleDesigns' & 'La Millou'. We recently opened the 'Mommy Bar' in Jerusalem, a boutique center for Mom's to come and relax, enjoy a coffee, take a class with or without their baby & come shop! In the Mommy Bar you will find our exclusive brands, as well as an ever changing selection of toys and gifts for the home. The 'Mommy Bar' also offers classes and courses daily such as baby massage, baby yoga, momma fitness, pilates, yoga, parenting advice, baby sleep councelling, music, workshops and more! Of course, all this is done in the warm and comfortable environment of the 'Mommy Bar'.

Our Services

Baby Registry

Here at Rapp Baby we look forward to sharing in the miracle of a new baby. We also understand that during pregnancy, especially the last trimester, there is so much MOMMY has to prepare for the new addition to the family. Our registry service will help you get your essentials organised so you can have all you need immediately at birth. Of course, you can share it with friends and other loved ones so that you can get what you want and need. We can also special order any other essentials like bedroom furniture, strollers and the like.


Sleep Consultations

Sleep… what is that again?

The Mommy Bar offers a special subsidised sleep consultation for babies aged new-born to 1yr. Come and learn how to swaddle properly, learn safe sleep practices and avoid common mistakes parents can make. This essential class will help you to:

Build a sleep schedule.

Understand Cues.

Learn safe sleep practices.


Sleep deeper and longer (you and the baby!)

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English site coming soon.

In the mean time, feel free to browse the hebrew site or contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

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