Velvet Baby Crown Rattle – Opal

רעשן/ מחזיק למוצץ כתר קטיפה לתינוק

לכתר הזה יש את הכל: גם מחזיק למוצץ, גם רעשן, גם צעצוע שניתן לקחת לכל מקום.

עשוי מ100% קטיפה רכה ודקה במיוחד (יותר דק ממשי).

מילוי אנטי אלרגני, סגירת טיק-טק למוצץ, או לקשור לעגלה… או בכל מקום!

גודל: 16×12ס"מ

Product Description

Our cute, soft rattle toy is the exact thing every baby needs in a layette.

The Baby Crown is nicely embroidered and made of extra soft Velvet. Its cotton straps and snap-locks allow us to hang, or place it virtually anywhere: the stroller, carriage, crib, car seat. The filling is soft, anti-allergic and hug-ready!

The product is made of a completely new material – very soft Velvet. It is uniquely textured, making it very delicate and soft to touch – exactly what a baby's fragile skin needs. However, its softness is not all – the fabric's technology is airy and resistant to wear and tear. The basis for the fabric is a carefully created weave of polyester fibers – thinner than silk. The product should be used under the supervision of an adult.

The product is hand-sewn with utmost precision, using best quality materials. It is packaged and shipped inside a branded linen bag and decorated with a cute heart tag. It will be a stylish, original gift for a baby shower, birthday, or any other pleasant occasion.

Size: 16x12cm